Forming the Faithful

Our word “disciple” comes from the Greek word mathétés, which primarily means “learner.” While discipleship at Peace Church means much more than just learning “head knowledge,” we have to acknowledge that learning about and from Jesus is a primary way through which we become more faithful disciples.

Peace Church Classes are one way in which we engage in such learning, diving deeper into the Bible, theology, history, and culture in a thoughtful, discussion-oriented way.

View this year’s upcoming classes below and join us on Sundays from 5:30–7:00 PM in Room 207.

2019-2020 Classes

Sept 15 – October 6

Whether it’s at school, work, our neighborhood, our living room, or the grocery store, we encounter people who don’t know Jesus and who are asking tough questions. But the question for us is this: can we give an answer? One of the leading reasons Christians say they don’t share about their faith with others is that they are afraid of being asked tough questions. In this series, we’ll look at four questions the world is asking and consider how Christians can respond in truth and love.

Class Schedule:
1. How can you believe in a good God when the world is full of evil?  September 15
2. How can you believe there is only one right way?  September 22
3. How can you believe in God when science explains everything?  September 29
4. Why would I want to be a Christian when Christians are all hypocrites?  October 6 

October 13 – November 24

God saved me. These are perhaps the first words of a newborn Christian. But what do they mean? How did they happen? The Bible has a lot to say about how God saves sinners, but some of it is hard to understand and contains some tricky words like election and predestination. On top of that, Reformed people have attached another tricky word to this conversation, a word that carries a lot of baggage – Calvinism. So what does it all mean and why does it matter? In this series, we’ll explore the Bible’s teaching about how precisely God rescues sinful people and why it matters for your life everyday.

Class schedule:
What’s the issue and why does it matter? October 13
Total Depravity October 20
Irresistible Grace October 27
— Christianity & Culture / November 3
Unconditional Election November 10
Limited Atonement November 17
Perseverance of the Saints November 24