Growth Groups

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At Peace Church, Growth Groups are where the down-in-the-trenches work of discipleship happens. On Sunday mornings, and in many of our ministries, the Word is preached. But in Growth Groups, the Word is lived-out.

The DNA of a Growth Group has three strands. We focus UPWARD, growing through the Word. We focus INWARD, growing through community. And we focus OUTWARD, growing through mission.

Groups meet weekly or every other week to study the Word, talk about life, pray for each other, and plan opportunities to serve or reach their community.

A Growth Group Story

Ready to join a Group?

Launch Course is where new groups get started.

Twice each year, new groups launch by taking part in a four week launch course. At Launch Course, you will meet your group, enjoy great dessert, win prizes, hear vision and teaching, and walk through your first four group meetings alongside other new and veteran groups. Childcare is provided.

Next Launch Course – October 2020

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If you’re looking to join one of our current Growth Groups, take a look at our OPEN GROUPS. If one of our open groups looks like a good fit, complete the sign-up and indicate which group you would like to connect with and we will help you get connected.
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