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Culture is changing more rapidly than ever and teens are at the center of it. They are the most powerful consumers in America, and yet they will choose hope over happiness. Teens are the most connected people in history, but despite their influence, power & passion and depression & loneliness are on the rise.

Peace Church’s High School youth group is a place where, in the midst of it all, we actually believe the audacious and counter-cultural notion that we have Good News that can change the world!

Sunday Night Youth Group

Sunday Nights are a great time to hang out, have fun and discuss relevant topics. Youth group goes from 5:30–7:00 PM. Sunday nights are designed to be fun and non-threatening for new friends, but still has a Biblical-centered message that speaks into the lives of today’s youth. Join us in the high school youth room this week! (September 10-May 6)

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