Forming the Faithful

Our word “disciple” comes from the Greek word mathétés, which primarily means “learner.” While discipleship at Peace Church means much more than just learning “head knowledge,” we have to acknowledge that learning about and from Jesus is a primary way through which we become more faithful disciples.

Peace Church Classes are one way in which we engage in such learning, diving deeper into the Bible, theology, history, and culture in a thoughtful, discussion-oriented way.

View this year’s upcoming classes below and join us on Sundays from 5:30–7:00 PM in Room 207.

2018 Fall Classes


Module 1 (September 9–October 7) 
The Fitness Guide: The Attributes of Christ

Teacher: Kyle Rodriguez and Pastor Ryan Kimmel
Location: Children's Ministry Wing (Room 207)

Description: This fall, our congregation will be going through the sermon series Fit: How the Spiritual Disciplines Help Us Look More Like Jesus. But, that begs the question: What does Jesus look like? To give us more context to our spiritual walk and grow closer to our Redeemer, this five-week class will complement the Sunday morning sermon series by looking at the attributes of God through the lens of Christ.

How did Jesus embody the classic attributes of God? How are we empowered to strive after his model or worship him more fully by understanding him more deeply? These are the questions we'll ask and discuss, seeking to know God in order to become more like him.