Christianity & Culture

More than a time to discuss hot topics, our Christianity & Culture classes discuss the real issues impacting our world today in light of our Christian worldview. These classes are intentionally led by a variety of leaders and guest speakers, and take place following community Sunday Night Suppers in the Gym.

2017 Class Schedule

January 8 — Are We Really Pro Life? A Call to Understand and Action
January 22 — Financial Learning Experience
February 12 — The Resistance: Understanding the Forces Behind America’s Social Chaos and What We Can Do About It
February 26 — The Gospel and Race Relations: How Our Culture is Being Torn Apart and What We Can Do to Bring Peace
March 12 — Moving Deck Chairs or Making a Difference?
March 26 — Proving the Resurrection: Why the Empty Tomb Makes Sense
April 23 — Making Room for Family

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